Q88Pro was built to serve owners, operators and charterers who want a wider view of the market – and deeper insights into it. It’s comprehensive, customized intelligence at your fingertips.

All Features

Cargos and Fixtures

Provides daily fixture imports using data sourced from a 3rd party provider. The platform functions as a place where you can store fixtures for ready reference with fingertip access.

  • Global in scope
  • Tanker classes
  • Cut and Paste fixtures
  • Can set up views to your needs
  • Downloadable / Searchable
  • Add your own fixtures and keep them confidential
  • Fixtures are associated to the ship
  • Spot & Time Charter Fixtures
  • NEW! Integrate your historical fixture data
  • Run a TCE calculation or Position list directly from a fixture

API link to your own tonnage

Works with your existing systems and software. Advanced API usage allows integration and/or
connection to your existing voyage management system so adoption is simpler so you can accurately
see your own tonnage as compared to the competition. You can view your tonnage, alongside potential
competition in a variety of ways.

  • TCE calculator
  • Intake calculator
  • Vessel specs, including Q88 vessel views
  • AIS history and location
  • Analytics
  • Interactive Map view

Multiple AIS sources for more accurate tracking

Q88Pro uses multiple AIS sources to improve the accuracy of vessel location so users can feel more
confident in the position data. We provide intelligence on busy maritime routes by combining Satellite AIS and T-AIS that cover the earth 24/7.

  • 30+ ground stations
  • 100+ satellites in operations
  • +50% more reported positions in high-traffic zones

Search made easy

Q88 PRO is built on a simple idea: You do not have to look too far to find what you are looking for. The
software simplifies search by letting you tailor various criteria without having to ‘dig’ or drill down to
define them. Dropdown menus allow users to rapidly set search criteria for vessel specifications and AIS

CO2 / Emission calculator

In the TCE Calculator view we now give you the option to add columns that will allow users to see
estimates for CO2 and EEOI. This is done on a ship by ship basis, based on open positions, estimated consumption, distance travelled and other criteria that go into this calculation. Column options include the full voyage as well as laden passage only.