Authoritative nature of the Milbros liquid cargo handling platform supported by outstanding experience and expertise

Benefitting from heritage, experience and expertise

Q88 prides itself on doing a great job. The company’s aspiration of delivering value from information is underpinned by the heritage of the business and the outstanding experience and expertise within the team. This is embodied by Capt. Soren C. Ibsen, Vice President of the Milbros business unit. He regularly assists Milbros customers on a wide range of regulatory, safety and tanker operations issues and is considered the ‘go to’ expert for chemical tanker operations.

Captain Ibsen has more than 40 years’ experience in the Chemical, Product and Crude Oil tanker trades. In that time, he has held positions sailing or ashore with Mobil Oil, Maritime Overseas Corp, Stolt-Nielsen and Eitzen Chemical. For the last 10 years he has been engaged by Q88 and tasked to make Milbros the leading maritime industry information platform of its type.

As a well-respected expert he attends IMO meetings of Pollution Prevention (PPR) and Response and Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards (ESPH) sub-committees. As a committee member he provides invaluable input that helps shape new regulations. Capt. Ibsen brings his vast experience to bear by helping to create regulations and guidance that is realistic and workable for the industry. To make sure Milbros platform subscribers are equipped with the most up-to-date information, he prepares an easy to read recap of these meetings for distribution to all Milbros customers.

As well as regular attendance of Chemical and Product tanker conferences and meetings, he is also a member and/or regular attendee of INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Sub Committee (Americas) (CTSCA) group meetings, and Dangerous Goods and Haz-Mat transportation conferences. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council (DGAC) Washington DC.

Further cementing Capt. Ibsen’s standing, he is the newly appointed Chairman of the USCG Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC), where he will be attending and chairing semi-annual meetings. He was honored to be recommended and selected to the inaugural class of the Coast Guard Industry Academy, a program designed to engage and educate senior private sector executives, which aims to strengthen industry collaboration and knowledge of the Coast Guard mission.

Adding value for Milbros platform subscribers

Such a vast range of involvement and commitment allows Capt. Ibsen to be influential while enjoying a 360-degree view. This enables him to add value to the Milbros platform. He drives a range of activities that ensure the program is updated as necessary:

  • Milbros program is updated on a near-daily basis with the latest information, including new cargoes and regulatory changes/circulars
  • Milbros users receive a weekly email outlining all the updates made during the past week
  • Working closely with Chemical Producer Companies and Chemical Tanker Operators to reduce the number of in tank inspections and wall wash tests through the use of wash water testing and UV Spectrophotometry technology
  • Host Milbros seminars for Milbros customers to keep them updated on new regulations, most recently the 2021 IBC Code changes
  • Updated to be the only platform currently available to easily show the new 2021 IBC Code requirements and compare to current requirements

Value from Milbros with the latest cargo handling and safety information

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