Our favorite word this year is innovation.

Here’s our 2021 most noteworthy product and solution launches.


Get a deeper view of the market from a single point.
Our most recent launch, Q88Pro, is a standalone product to help shipowners and charterers see a deeper view of the market. It integrates data sources and software with advanced analytics to deliver relevant, timely market insights so users can feel more confident in making important business decisions. Q88Pro users are connected to, the gold standard in tanker information management, giving access to intelligence covering 80% of the tanker world to meet sustainability demands, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Key Features:

  • Cargoes and Fixtures Reporting
  • Analytics and Predictive search
  • AIS integrations
  • API link to your own Tonnage


Helping users reclaim control of their data to accelerate decision making.
This year we launched Lighthouse, an automated tool designed specifically for chartering and vessel operation users. While other systems require mandatory fields to calculate a voyage or submit reports, Q88VMS’s Lighthouse is a user-defined workflow tool designed to highlight only those items that require attention. Adaptable, flexible, and customizable, easily select rules you want to be alerted about automatically or which ones you want hidden so that only the most relevant information is visible for each voyage. Key features:

  • Dynamic field configuration to ensure no data points are overlooked
  • Complete and accurate data
  • Enhances automated workflows

Milbros Premium

Saving you time, reducing costs and maximizing safety.
Milbros is trusted by maritime’s leading companies for the most up-to-date and reliable cargo, cleaning, handling, regulatory and safety information. Milbros premium takes this commitment event further by making the database interactive and customizable to operations. It can increase efficiency in handling volatile and hazardous cargoes and executing tank cleaning protocols. Key features:

  • Customizable data
  • UV Graphs
  • Stainless Steel/Phos Acid Compatibility Calculation tool
  • Advice on demand

Position List

Working smarter for you.
One of the largest launches this years was predictive modeling, a powerful search capability that can predict a ship’s next commercially open position. The predictive feature seamlessly integrates into searches and does not interfere with any updated or saved positions. The launch of the Predictive Modeling tool has helped users take their broking to the next level, especially when using predictive alongside our market analytics tool. Combined, users to get that extra competitive edge. Key features:

  • Private fixture data integration
  • Market Analytics (data visualization)
  • Improved cargoes and fixtures
  • Cut and paste functionality
  • CO2 and EEO Emissions (TCE Calculator)
  • Email sharing direct from platform

Q88DRY Onboard

Real-time updates for onboard officers.
Q88Dry Onboard provides each vessel in a fleet the ability to access and make real-time updates to important data and documents, as well as easily manage officer information right from the bridge of the ship. Because of our cloud technology, all data can be accessed from anywhere – land or sea – and is guaranteed to be up-to-date no matter when you log in. Onboard officers, shipowners and the central office can all conduct their tasks in a more efficient and timely manner. Key features:

  • Connect to the Q88Dry Database
  • Manage Officer information
  • Avoid costly delays


Built for companies to enhance onboard capabilities.
The inability to make real-time updates to your ship’s data and workflows mid voyage can cause costly delays and waste resources. But a single, reliable source to create questionnaires and update data, inspections and certificates from the bridge allows users to work faster and more efficiently. Like Q88Dry Onboard, Q88Onboard provides each vessel in a fleet access to the most trusted and up-to-date database. Shipowners and the central office are guaranteed that all vessel data is current and up-to-date, and onboard officers can conduct their tasks in a more efficient and timely manner. Key Features:

  • Connect to the Database
  • Cloud technology for instant access
  • Marpol Annex 1 Commodity Database Access
  • Avoid costly delays
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