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Our latest product updates

At Q88, our focus is to help users get their job done faster with confidence. Using a cloud-based architecture, all of our products and new features allow users to access data easily so they can be more efficient in all aspects of the job.


Developed for companies to enhance onboard capabilities, Q88 Onboard provides users the ability to grant one, a handful, or all vessels in a fleet access to the most trusted and up-to-date database. Onboard officers can now create questionnaires and update data, inspections and certificates right from the bridge. With Onboard, shipowners and the central office can be guaranteed that all vessel data is current, and onboard officers can conduct their tasks in a more efficient and timely manner. All users can also access to the Marpol Annex 1 Commodity Database. Learn more about Q88 Onboard.


Q88Dry Onboard
Similar to Q88 Onboard, onboard officers can now access and update the most important data and documents right from the bridge, and shipowners and the central office can be guaranteed that all vessel data is current and up-to-date at all times. In addition to having direct and instant access to the Q88 database, Q88Dry Onboard allows users to easily manage all officer information. Learn more about Q88Dry Onboard.


Stainless Steel/Phos Acid Compatibility Calculation Tool
When considering carrying a phosphoric acid cargo, users can feel more confident in knowing what the compatibility of the cargo is with our new calculation tool. Developed using scientific and stainless steel testing information, easily and quickly determine the risk level of stainless steel damage by inputing a set list of specifications. Available to Milbros Premium Subscribers.


While other systems require mandatory fields to calculate a voyage or to submit a report, our Voyage Management System’s new Lighthouse feature is a user-defined workflow tool designed to highlight only those items that require a user’s attention, so that only the most relevant information for each voyage is visible. Adaptable, flexible and customizable for each user, Lighthouse was developed so users can select rules to be automatically alerted about. Learn more about our Voyage Management System capabilities.


Open Position
Our platform helps to predict the next commercially open position of a ship that will seamlessly integrate with your updated positions.

Cut and Paste
Copy a fixture from an outside source such as WhatsApp, ICE chat, any reports or other areas you get fixtures from, then paste it easily into the Cargoes and Fixtures view.

Learn more about Position List features.

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