Quarterly News

Better Data for Better Decisions

This year we’ve focused a lot of our attention towards innovating new product features and solutions that provide customers like you the ability to do more with your data. Whether creating automated tools to help sort data more efficiently, giving onboard officers the ability to update information directly from the bridge, creating calculators to help determine the risk for damages when carrying certain cargo, or creating better integrations between data, software and analytics, there is something for everyone to help make more informed and better decisions.

Our latest release, Q88Pro is a new standalone product that helps shipowners and charterers see a deeper view of the market from a single point. It integrates your data sources and software with advanced analytics to deliver relevant, timely market insights to increase efficiency and get a competitive edge.

Q88 is built on experience you can trust.

“The support staff at Q88 has always been a pleasure to work with – they go above and beyond to help assist with any questions, comments, or concerns we have about the system.” – d’Amico Shipping USA

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