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Fleet operations – completing questionnaires

When you need to complete questionnaires fast and at scale across your tanker fleet, software automation provides speed and accuracy. Save time and reduce costs while providing consistently high-quality information to accelerate administrative processes and meet the compliance requirements of port authorities.

Shipping industry – tanker information

When you need vessel information, the data of approximately 75% of the world’s tankers is available through Perform powerful database searches to obtain accurate and comprehensive details. AIS Vessel Tracking and calculators give you the information you need to do your job faster and with greater confidence.

Like nothing else on Earth…

No other business on Earth is quite like the tanker business… In terms of complexity, consistency of process, attention to detail, and risk and compliance management, few industries are more challenging.

And the tanker business is a lot like any other business… Commercial realities mean the bottom line is everything. The requirement for speed and efficiency to support profitability is non-negotiable.

Companies and organizations directly involved in tanker shipping and the ecosystem around it operate more efficiently and effectively with best-in-class technology tools. is a comprehensive and continually maintained database of vessel information and questionnaire templates. The system is organized and delivered in a range of subscription levels to meet the needs of everyone with a commercial interest in tankers.

The system puts the latest technology in the hands of every company. In the cloud and on mobile, it provides the flexibility that fits with your expectations for the way we work today. is a versatile information system. It puts the vital information you need at your fingertips, so you achieve your objectives quickly and without wasting time.

Tanker information for whatever you need to do

For ship owners, commercial operators, technical managers

  • Automatically complete questionnaires
  • Certificate & document management
  • Manage oil company vettings (Officer Matrix)
  • Direct integration with OCIMF for Officer Matrix submission
  • Maintain Inspections data – perform Vetting Analytics
  • Mooring/Tankplan diagrams
  • Terminal Vetting Database

For charterers, brokers, agents, suppliers, terminals, port authorities, spill response

  • Access to 8,487 tankers questionnaires
  • Search on over 520 data fields
  • Download 1,164+ blank questionnaires
  • 8,879 charter party clauses
  • Distance, Draft, DWT, Disp, Intake calculators
  • Access USCG Port State Control
  • P&I club & contact details
  • Critical emergency response information

Cure your tanker information headaches with

Shipping industry companies like yours are enjoying the benefits of Our subscribers are using its powerful features to save time and reduce costs. To discover more about how helps you to do a better job, simply register today to gain access to information on 8,486 vessels and 1,164 questionnaires.

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