Shaping a Shared Standard for Dry Vessel Information

Unlocking tangible benefits for both sides of the contract


Standardization has been making waves in the maritime shipping industry over the last decade, driven by regulatory forces, a focus on data-driven decision making, and a need for efficiency. In the dry bulk industry, however, a shared standard has not yet been widely adopted.

In our whitepaper, we discuss where dry bulk stands to benefit from a shared information standard, solutions for some of dry bulk’s most pressing challenges, and how standardized vessel information and particulars benefits both sides of the maritime contract.

Download the whitepaper to discover how adopting a shared standard can transform your dry bulk shipping workflows, whether you’re a tonnage charterer or an owner-operator.

Robust information management onboard the vessel.

Q88 Dry Onboard enables onboard officers to manage and update vessel data in real-time as the voyage occurs, bringing new efficiency, accuracy, and visibility to dry bulk information management.

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