Search... provides tools for the maritime industry to help facilitate your daily business needs. Manage your vessel particulars, questionnaires, certificates and documents, officer matrix and inspections on a single cloud platform. Share information with selected business partners at the push of a button.

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Comprehensive tanker information database

Search across all the vessels in Q88dry and across any of the fields contained in the industry standard Baltic99 with the powerful but simple to use advanced vessel search. All the information found on is updated and maintained regularly by the vessels owner and/or operator while they trade their vessels which makes our database “the most accurate industry information”


Get access to almost 200 charterer and terminal questionnaires. All questionnaires are listed in alphabetical order for a quick find. Included in the list of questionnaires, you will be supplied with the version number, date and type of questionnaire. The ability to deliver this information via email is also available.


Plan and record inspections and any associated observations for every vessel in your fleet.

Track and view inspection history for every vessel and use our rich analytics feature to spot trends and gain insight into your inspection results.

Certificates and documents

Manage your vessels certificates in our system which includes all industry standard certificates in our database. We support adding both public and private attachments to any certificate. You can receive weekly certificate notifications via email and stay on top of renewing your certificates in time, and you can easily upload custom certificates.

Organize certificates and documents in packages for easy distribution of related documents, or email individual ones directly from your repository.

Officer matrix

The Officer Matrix module is intended for owners / operators to manage the officer matrix information for their vessels.

The module also supports an ‘offline’ feature which allows the vessel to keep the officer matrix up-to-date onboard without the need for broadband internet access. The updated officer matrix can be emailed into the system for automatic import.


Q88 provides a rich library of web services for easy custom integrations with in-house systems.

In addition, we have integrations with several industrysoftware providers.

Web and Software Integrations

We have developed numerous add on options for our Q88Dry customers that help streamline workflows and improve business operations.

Custom Integrations

Our robust library of modern web services make it easy for you to integrate our services with your in-house systems, serving as a gateway to better connect data and information. Using industry-standard XML web services, we support the following functionality:

  • Access to your vetting inspection data
  • Download certificates
  • Download completed questionnaires
  • Download officer matrix data
  • Link to vessel particulars
  • Link to mooring diagrams
  • Link to tank plan diagram
  • Link to the questionnaire(s) for your fleet

Software Integrations

We have developed partnerships with numerous 3rd party software solution companies to ensure seamless integration and ease of use between Q88Dry and outside solutions. If you currently use products from the above list you may have the ability to:

  • Automatically login into your Q88Dry account through the 3rd party system
  • Comprehensively search Q88/Q88Dry databases through 3rd party system
  • Eliminate double entry through the automation of manual processes
  • Have direct communication between the 3rd party system and Q88Dry web services
  • Quickly import and view information on new vessels
  • Smoothly and efficiently update existing vessels

Our Industry Partners

Please contact us for further information about how the integration can benefit your company.

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