Better broking with position list information that’s fast and easy to use

Why use slower, more complicated methods?

When you are broking, how can you be certain that you have the best position list information?

Open position lists might show that there are hundreds of ships that could potentially meet the needs in question. You need to understand which are the most appropriate, and quickly too, because, after all, time is money!

But open positions aren’t the whole story. Variables such as possible laycans, draft restrictions and different routing options are all critical to your decision making. Weeding out unsuitable vessels to make a shortlist of the most appropriate tankers can take a lot of time, especially if you need to resort to doing intake calculations manually.

And when it comes to software, not all systems are created equal. Some software applications quickly become dated, their vendors slow to adapt to fast changing technology trends. They can be slow and complex, and for some, the cloud may not even have happened yet!

Make fixtures faster with accurate, real time information

The Q88 Tanker Broker Position List provides speed and accuracy. With Q88, you save time and easily maintain consistently high-quality information that accelerates the administrative processes that underpin efficient broking and making the most profitable fixtures.

Increasing numbers of competitive brokers are turning to Q88’s Tanker Broker Position List to get more accurate information.

  • Laycan – instantly find the right vessels that can make it
  • Intake calculator – instantly cater for draft restrictions for ports
  • AIS mapping technology – accurate geographical data to track vessels
  • Distance calculations – accurate distances for better voyage time estimates
  • Fixtures – record your fixtures and see market fixtures

The Q88 Tanker Broker Position List puts the information you need at your fingertips, to help you fix faster.

Better reporting, sharing and doing it on the move

Every company has preferred businesses it likes to do business with, and the tanker industry is no different. Charterers like to use specific brokers; brokers prefer certain charterers; charterers and brokers might favour particular owners or operators. It’s just the organic nature of business relationships.

With the Q88 Tanker Broker Position List, you can share your positions with chosen other brokers increasing each other’s intelligence, helping to build and strengthen your business ecosystem.

An example of the really user-friendly features is the use of user-designed reporting formats. The Q88 approach is to let subscribers define what position list/vessel information to include and how they wish to see it.

The entire suite of maritime and shipping tools are hosted on resilient cloud infrastructure, providing access on-demand when you need it. Our mobile app puts position list information at hand 24/7, anytime, anyplace connected to the Internet.

The position list information you need at your fingertips

Key Benefits

  • Swift updating of positions
  • Simple navigation of the position platform using any standard web browser
  • Ability to search and report positions on the fly using mobile app
  • Accurate underlying vessel technical data based on industry standard vessel data
  • Simple reporting functionality with flexible formats
  • Improved accuracy of suitable vessel supply in load port using intake calculator
  • Accurate projections based on industry standard distances
  • Follow-the-sun support network acknowledged for superior customer service

Key Features 

  • Sharing capabilities with other tanker brokers belonging to the Q88 Position List community
  • Technical vessel data backed by industry standard
  • Accurate distances provided by AtoBviaC
  • AIS positions provided by
  • Detailed search and saved search functionality
  • Customizable ballast areas
  • Flexible reporting options
  • Intake calculator
  • Voyage estimator
  • Fixture tracking

Don’t let your broking operations get left behind

Discover why so many shipbroking companies and organizations involved in tanker broking like yours have switched to Q88’s Tanker Broker Position List. Signup today and get industry standard information that helps you do a better job.

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