Q88 and SEDNA Announce Partnership to Streamline Shipping Data and Communications

Information tracking and communications between commercial teams within the shipping industry, be it internal or external, has historically been conducted through traditional email. Siloed personal inboxes and data spread across multiple systems of record creates significant inefficiencies – such as excess email volume and redundant communication. The result is an increased risk of missing relevant and critical information.

For this reason, Q88 is happy to announce our partnership with SEDNA, a smart teams communication software, to streamline shipping data in a simpler, more efficient manner.

The integration will curate relevant data within SEDNA’s shared team inbox and enables users to view, organize, and communicate that information in one accessible place – all in an effort to eliminate issues for operators through unified communication and workflows.

“Our goal is to create integrations and partnerships with maritime professionals to extend our reach,” said Fritz Heidenreich, President and founder of Q88. “We spot avenues in a noncompetitive way to work together and move the industry forward. This effort will ultimately minimize email burden and reduce the risk of oversight in shipping communications.”

Bill Dobie, CEO of SEDNA, adds, “Bringing Q88 and SEDNA together means bringing more speed, trust, flexibility, and clarity to communication within the shipping industry. We’re incredibly excited to see this partnership come to fruition to help shipping professionals work more efficiently and productively.”

How it Works

The Q88 family of products have been integrated into the SEDNA platform so users can easily navigate messages based on vessel, voyage and cargo data. Q88 tracks, processes, and curates relevant information while SEDNA’s team communication software provides a single source of truth for all data and conversations. More specifically:

  • SEDNA automatically tags messages based on Q88-provided details so users can instantly search—in under 1 second, regardless of message volume—and surface all relevant messages
  • Related conversations that are assigned to a user in Q88 can be filtered in their SEDNA inbox
  • Users can see voyage details, including schedule, location, and financial information when viewing a related message
  • Users can update Q88 details directly from the SEDNA interface.

These features are available both on SEDNA’s web browser interface and mobile application, so busy operators can access all of the information they need, wherever they are.

For more information about the partnership, please click here.

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