Don’t lose out by ignoring the benefits of Q88VMS cloud software

Shipping is a long game, but you don’t have to be behind the curve

Some have the perception that the shipping industry is behind the curve. When you think about it, this may seem quite natural. With infrastructure assets lifed at up to 30 years and capital costs running in to nine figures for something like a VLCC, shipping is a long game. Planning and forward visibility is measured in decades and the screws turn relatively slowly.

There’s nothing wrong with taking the long-term view. However, floating assets aside, there’s more to running a successful shipping business than operating a fleet of vessels. Tankers and dry bulk carriers at sea may chug along steadily, however, there’s no reason that the administrative support function ashore cannot be more dynamic in adapting to changes in the operating environment quicker.

Cloud versus on-premise software and computing

Over the last 25 years technology has revolutionised the world. Much of this progress has been driven by the business application of digital technology. When technology provides competitive advantage, it’s no wonder that demand from commercial enterprises skyrockets.

This is something of a universal truth and it is the underlying reason for the phenomenal growth of the cloud. Cloud computing has transformed how businesses provision for the technology required to operate and manage all aspects of their activities.

Some software companies are still following the conventional approach, selling ‘old’ legacy technology – boxed software, servers and associated storage and backup devices. You then have to pay to power, cool and get people to look after it all.

It goes without saying that tanker companies have to maximize the profitability of fleets. The quest of finding efficiency is firmly nailed to the mast, and the old way of doing things is all highly inefficient, and it doesn’t make business sense…

Benefits of Q88VMS cloud software

Q88VMS is the fastest-growing voyage management system on the market. It’s helping leading tanker operators to maximize operational efficiency and boosting profitability to outperform industry averages. It doesn’t just put you on the curve, it actually puts you ahead, letting you quite literally, ride the industry bow wave!

Q88VMS software provides the latest in voyage management technology:

Reduces costs

  • Eliminates costs for hardware CAPEX, maintenance, support and depreciation; software licensing, upgrades and maintenance; and infrastructure energy costs for power and cooling; get Q88VMS for a one-off annual fee per vessel

Line of Business for tanker operations

  • Functionality designed especially for the singular purpose of managing tanker voyages for fleet owners and operators

Centralized data storage

  • All your data in one place – avoid ‘silos’ and separate filing systems for email and information files and databases

Access through an internet browser

  • Access to all info and functionality using standard internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari

Anytime, anywhere access

  • Access from any internet connected device and browser, anytime and anywhere – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Low impact on internal IT teams

  • Delivered over the internet and maintained and supported by our team, Q88VMS has zero impact on internal IT teams

Data center backup and resilience

  • High-level data back-up systems and processes guarantee availability of your data and VMS software in excess of 99.99% of the time

High level information security

  • Digital and physical security in the data center is superior to that found in the majority of businesses, with dedicated teams and systems operating 24/7

Service and support

  • Help and support for using the software and overcoming any technical issues

Industry leading tools for managing tanker voyages

Q88VMS provides the vital hard decision support information that informs on how much money you can make on every voyage. The system provides the numbers you need to see in seconds, not minutes or hours, enabling you to provide quotes rapidly.

See instant indications of TCE. Understand the influence of bunkers and costs for fuel loaded at different prices. Factor in laden and unladen speeds and get clear forward visibility, enabling you to join up operations for several voyages ahead.

TCE is further enhanced by the Unique Variance Indicator which shows the positive or negative cost impacts of changing variables such as routeing, canal, port and anti-piracy security. This is exclusive to Q88VMS – the Unique Variance Indicator is not found in any other comparable system.

Key features:

  • Open Positions – Overview of cargo discharge and availability to take on new loads
  • Estimates – Calculator for reckoning the financials of each voyage
  • Voyages – Provides Financial Management for new business and Account Management functions to manage voyages
  • Invoices – Tracks invoices and balances and part payments, compliant with accounting standards and bespoke integration with standard accounting systems
  • Email – Integrate with operational email Inbox – one-click functionality to automatically go from an email to the info for each numbered voyage
  • Reports – Powerful analytics – with Q88VMS it takes 30 seconds to do what takes half a day with Excel or half-an-hour with a comparable system

When are you going to switch to Q88VMS?

More and more tanker fleets are switching to Q8VMS. Companies like yours are operating at higher efficiency and at improved levels of profitability. Simply put, Q88VMS cloud software helps your people to do a better job by putting the right information at their fingertips 24/7.

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