Better software leveraging the strengths of the cloud

This year, Q88VMS has piled on customers and increased the value it delivers. The development team have been very busy leveraging the strengths of the cloud and striving to make the software even better.

The growth of the cloud software market is one of the biggest business success stories of the last 15 years. The reason for this is quite simply the cloud offers a better way of doing things. The key benefits have enabled the cloud to all but sweep away the on-premise model of software deployment.

One of the key areas where the cloud is vastly superior is it makes a low demand on your internal IT resources. The cloud software service provider is responsible for centralizing management, support and training, and optimizing performance of the software.

Centralizing the server hardware and software in the cloud eliminates the need for internal teams to perform maintenance. Maintenance includes patching software against bugs and vulnerabilities and updating or version upgrading to provide new features.

On-premise software is unavailable to the business when software maintenance procedures are in progress. In the on-premise way of doing things, companies might have to endure hours or even days when hardware or software failed, or patching and updating didn’t go as planned.

Typically, established practice for managing software availability in today’s data center enables SaaS application software to be available 99.99% percent of the time. In real terms this means that there is less than one minute of unplanned downtime in any one week.

Fast growth with 60% increase in customer numbers

Q88VMS is the fastest-growing voyage management system on the market. How fast? For 2018 we have seen customer numbers increase 60 percent.

As part of our program of quality management, this year, the system has seen 8 version releases that have introduced major enhancements or additions. Our practice for managing software availability at the data center is industry standard, minimizing downtime so our customers enjoy a great experience, free from interruptions to the service.

This would be highly desirable in any piece of business software. But for the purpose of managing voyages across tanker fleets at sea? This is not a ‘nice to have’. In today’s highly competitive liquid cargo market, it’s essential. With support 24/7 across the US, UK, Greece and Singapore, Q88VMS provides the level of service today’s tanker fleet operators need.

Q88VMS is a modular system that offers access to a comprehensive and logical set of tools:

  • Open Positions – Overview of cargo discharge and availability to take on new loads
  • Estimates – Calculator for reckoning the financials of each voyage, including TCE which is further enhanced by the Unique Variance Indicator
  • Voyages – Provides Financial Management for new business and Account Management functions to manage voyages
  • Invoices – Tracks invoices and balances and part payments, compliant with accounting standards and bespoke integration with standard accounting systems
  • Email – Integrate with operational email Inbox – one-click functionality to automatically go from an email to the info for each numbered voyage
  • Reports – Powerful analytics – with Q88VMS it takes 30 seconds to do what takes half a day with Excel or half-an-hour with a comparable system

Q88VMS pays for itself quickly. Annual costs for each vessel break down into a per day rate that makes financial sense.

Continual improvement delivers value year on year with Q88VMS

Tanker fleet operators that choose Q88VMS get more than those that use alternative software. Our program of continual improvement ensures the system gains value year on year at no extra cost.

Our experts in tanker fleet operations proactively research and listen to feedback from customers. They collaborate with our development team to add new features and functionality that is needed to improve efficiency and ease of use. Quite simply, when you are managing tanker fleets, Q88VMS is a better choice.

Request a demo to find out why more and more of the world’s leading tanker fleet operators are choosing Q88VMS.

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