New answers to old problems

The marketplace for most products and services is competitive. New market players are often disruptive, coming up with fresh answers to old problems. Existing market players develop and upgrade their products. And companies that seem to have run out of ideas sell older legacy solutions, offering inferior performance and poor value.

You don’t want to damage your competitive advantage. This is why there’s a real need to continually scan and research the marketplace to make sure you are aware of what’s happening out there. There comes a time when you’ll recognize it’s time to change.

The fastest growing Voyage Management System on the market

The VMS software market is no different. Q88VMS is the fastest-growing voyage management system on the market. It’s winning market share for some very good reasons:

  • New technology – built from the ground up to run efficiently over the Internet. We continually develop and update to ensure the software conforms with best practice for software architecture, development process and IT security.
  • No upfront large implementation fees – no costs for consulting, bespoke development, on-premise infrastructure or for ongoing IT department overheads.
  • True SaaS based business model and architecture – provides the basis for full functionality on mobile and is the foundation for competitive pricing that delivers value and performance.
  • Small learning curve – get up and running in less than a week for a rapid time to value and fast return on investment.

It’s reasons like this that are enabling the leading bulk operators to maximize operational efficiency and boosting profitability to outperform industry averages.

Great features delivering excellent benefits

With Q88VMS you get hard information that supports better decision making and which indicates how much money you can make (or lose!) on every change to a voyage.

Of course, the system provides functionality you expect from a Voyage Management System. Fundamentally, Q88 VMS gives indications of TCE instantly, enabling you to react faster to dynamic situations and fast-moving opportunities. You also get forward visibility to join up your operations for several voyages ahead.

However, one feature not found in any other comparable system is the Q88VMS Unique Variance Indicator.

This shows the positive or negative cost impacts of changing variables such as routing, canal, port and anti-piracy security.

Each main function has its own easy to recognize icon on the app-style navigation ribbon which means you are never more than a single click away from the tool you need.

Q88VMS offers access to a comprehensive and logical set of tools that use computing resources and centralized data in the cloud:

  • Open Positions – Overview of cargo discharge and availability to take on new loads
  • Estimates – Calculator for reckoning the financials of each voyage
  • Voyages – Provides Financial Management for new business and Account Management functions to manage voyages
  • Invoices – Claims Management; tracks invoices, balances and part payments; compliant with accounting standards; and bespoke integration with standard accounting systems
  • Email – Integrate with operational email Inbox – one-click functionality to automatically go from an email to the info for each numbered voyage
  • Reports – Powerful analytics – with Q88VMS it takes 30 seconds to do what takes half a day with Excel or half-an-hour with a comparable system

Priced to make financial sense the system pays for itself quickly. Annual costs for each vessel break down into a per day rate which is quite simply a ‘no-brainer’.

Get Q88VMS and enjoy the latest software from a progressive company

Make sure your company enjoys the benefits and your team has the best tools available for maximizing efficiency and profitability in managing tanker shipping operations.

Simply fill in the form below to request a personalized demonstration and product tour. You’ll learn how Q88VMS transforms your capability to make solid decisions that help maximize profitability of your fleet.

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