Maritime heritage, expertise and experience

One of the characteristics of the maritime transportation business is that it is a pretty specialized community. Companies develop enduring relationships with one another; these relationships are built through interpersonal contact and collaboration between individuals and are based on trust. Many companies trust Q88 and when it comes to fixing vessels, Q88 VMS is an integral part of the process.

The high level of trust Q88 enjoys is supported by two key elements. Firstly, there is industry heritage. Q88 the de-facto standard for questionnaires and vessel particulars.

Secondly, there is the specific expertise and experience of the Q88VMS team. Many have résumés that demonstrate they are either highly qualified, have careers working for companies in the maritime community, or quite often, both.

This means that Q88VMS is designed, built and supported by a team of people many of whom have worked in maritime transportation for companies like yours. In contrast with other software companies, we are shipping industry insiders at the center – not a corporate software sales team on the outside looking in.

We know the challenges our customers face and understand the practicalities required of the solutions we develop to help you operate more effectively and efficiently. The team is motivated by its vision to help the industry, not to just make money selling software.

Built like today’s top performing business applications

As the use of digital technologies by business has developed over the last 30 years or so, the process of continual innovation is now an expectation. We all need the very latest tools that technology can offer to help us remain competitive and successful.

In the last three decades the world has moved on from conventional on-premise client-server computing. The industry has also transitioned from large, ERP-class applications. There are two big problems with an on-premise ERP-style system for shipping companies. Firstly, users get lost in complexity and the abundance of information; and secondly, there is too much functionality, often creating a user interface that is difficult to navigate and understand.

Q88VMS incorporates the characteristics of today’s top performing business applications. The server environment is in the cloud, providing the convenience of anytime, anyplace access. The functionality is tightly focused, dedicated to the line-of-business and accessed through an app or a browser. In short, Q88VMS is agile, easy to use software for dynamic, growing companies looking for a competitive edge.

Q88VMS software designed and built by shipping industry insiders

Q88VMS is faster to deploy, provides greater value and outperforms legacy VMS systems on mobile devices. Q88VMS won’t lock you in with proprietary or complex processes for data export and reporting.

Q88VMS is an ever-evolving platform, the team continually reviews functionality and embraces the suggestions of users to adapt to the needs of our customers. Alongside our inside knowledge of the industry, this ensures the software continues to be at the leading edge in meeting the needs of customers and solving real-world problems. Equipped with Q88VMS, customers have the right toolbox to succeed in the new digital era of shipping.

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