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Deriving human value from our digital connections.

This year has been exceptionally hard on people, families, and organizations across the world. The maritime industry, in particular, has faced a unique set of challenges. More than just an economical and financial hardship, the current pandemic has impacted the lives of seafarers around the globe, with so many of them stuck at sea, unable to return safely to any port. This has taken both a physical and mental toll on crews. According to industry experts, while most operators and owners have done their best to make the lives of those trapped at sea bearable, we should not underestimate the psychological strain these recent months have taken on crew members.

Relationshipping™ is Q88’s belief that no matter how technologically advanced, digital or data-driven our industry gets, it still comes down to human relationships. People. Not just vessels, ports and exports.

And thus, Relationshipping Onboard was born.Relationshipping Onboard 4

The idea came from Q88 employees that have spent time on ships. Having first-hand experience with being part of a crew, several employees wanted to do something that would help their peers in the industry during these difficult times.

“In these challenging times, while we may rely more than ever on digital tools to connect us while we’re apart, Relationshipping means never forgetting what pulls us closer – trust, loyalty and compassion,” said Fritz Heidenreich, President, Q88 LLC. “We know that there are so many seafarers out at sea right now and they need our support.”

As the pandemic continues, Q88 has established its Relationshipping Onboard program by distributing and shipping care packages to vessels to those at the New Haven, Conn. port with plans to expand globally. The care packages are created with great care and uniqueness – often including items from the crews’ hometowns that is sourced through local shops. Additionally, Q88 wanted to provide a way for crew to communicate with their family members, so each ship is provided a router or SIM cards.

Relationshipping Onboard 3These care packages are shipped thanks to a partnership with Moran Shipping Agencies, who help deliver them to the vessels at sea.

“Our goal is to not only support crew members through tough times, but to hopefully inspire others within the maritime industry to do the same,” added Heidenreich. “It is a small gesture, but such an important one to support the crews and seafarers that keep the world moving.”

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