“Ship broking is hard enough.  The features of the Q88 Position List makes our jobs a bit easier and in this competitive landscape, every bit helps.”

OceanBz Dubai

“The entire team at Q88 is focused on the success of my business and as a broker, it’s great that someone looks out for us!”


“Support at Q88 is only a click or call away.  The entire desk can quickly answer any question thrown their way.  This is a critical feature that we enjoy by being a Q88 Position List client.”

Vantage Shipbrokers

“It is rare in this business is to find a company offering a product at a great value combined with years of experience in our industry. The Q88 Position List offers that while they continue to improve to meet the demands of the broking community.”


“Making the switch to the Q88 position list has been a great decision for us. The speed and simplicity of the Q88 position list allows us to quickly and easily analyze the market and respond to our principals with the best suitable vessels for their cargoes.”

Italia C&A

“Q88 really stepped up by offering the broker community a more complete, affordable all-in-one position list system. As a growing shop, being able to analyze the market on a granular level using features like custom ballast areas, intake calculator, AIS vessel tracking and fixture data at a price that allows us to continue to scale and grow is a huge benefit.”

Joe Zhou, Broker

“We’ve valued our relationship with Q88 for many years. When we found out they were building a position list system we knew it would be a user friendly and stable unlike the previous system we were using. Q88 continues to demonstrate their commitment to our industry as an independent company recognizing our need to succeed.”

Southport Maritime Inc.