Solutions to streamline bulk shipping

Information and services for accelerating administration, operations and commercial negotiations.

Tanker information management at your fingertips

Save time, collaborate and respond rapidly to information requests.

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Simplify your commercial management activities

A real-world dynamic solution for Chartering, Operations & Management.

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Empowering tanker brokers with a more comprehensive view of the market

Timely market information is a competitive advantage.

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Bulk carrier information management made painless

Real-time automated information to maximize fleet utilization.

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Better tanker cargo risk management

Advanced and reliable cargo, cleaning, handling and safety data 24/7.

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Solutions that save time and help you work more efficiently

Time-consuming certification management?

Automate certification management and alert to expiry.

Too much time to complete questionnaires?

Complete questionnaires in minutes, not hours.

Slowed up by legacy systems or manual processes?

Up-to-date technology delivering the benefits of the cloud.

Unintuitive or difficult to use systems?

Designed from the ground up to be simple to use.

Takes too much time to get the information you need?

Instant fingertip access to information on demand.

Limited or no mobile device tools?

Work anywhere, anytime with fully-featured mobile apps.


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