Our journey began in 1998 as a simple inquiry about managing shipping information. “Is it possible for you to help with this?”

In that single moment of conception Q88 was born and it has continually evolved. Emerging as a standalone business in 2008, the company has steadily grown to be one of the most trusted and widely respected names amongst the tanker and bulk shipping community.

Today, Q88 is a byword for simplifying the complexities of global maritime transportation and the brand stands as a leader and a voice that helps shape and influence the industry.

Q88 enables better management of the risks of maritime commercial activity. Firstly, there is the risk from handling and cleaning of liquid cargos. And secondly, the risk resulting from inefficient operations and the denial of competitive advantage through the use of legacy business processes and software.

Our ethos is built on four pillars which are a blueprint for our strategic approach:

  • Building collaborative solutions
  • Engaging with multiple industry partners
  • Leveraging data to the fullest extent
  • Creating a great place to work

Our company is a family where our people are empowered to take ownership of the shared goal of working together to deliver software solutions for connecting the industry.

Without the respect and trust of our customers we don’t have a business. Consequently, above all else, our business prioritizes the needs and best interests of the companies we serve.

Our turnkey maritime information solutions start delivering value in hours, not weeks or months, rapidly generating ROI.

To make sure our business remains customer-centric, we defend our independence by remaining in private ownership and leveraging the expertise and the industry heritage of the executive team.

Through quality assurance and innovation we are unremitting in our quest to keep raising the highwater mark by improving our solutions, to deliver greater customer value.

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