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The wealth of information within the maritime industry has the power to provide tangible, decision-driving insight. But effectively leveraging this information requires specialized solutions for maritime data management.

Q88 delivers industry-leading solutions for maritime operations and information management, including vessel particulars and vetting, trade flow information, onboard communications, and much more. Built to streamline maritime administration, operations, and commercial negotiations, Q88 empowers vessel owners, operators, charterers, and brokers to work more efficiently and make stronger decisions. With Q88, you can:

  • Access real-time and historical trade flow data for trend analysis.
  • Easily identify commercially available vessels for more effective broking.
  • Gain complete visibility into the tanker market with up-to-date AIS data and open APIs.
  • Enhance communication and connectivity across the shipowner, central office, and onboard team for real-time visibility.
  • Centralize voyage communications to streamline chartering and operations.
  • Harness timely and accurate insights on vessel particulars, questionnaires, certificates, and more for smarter decision making.
  • And more…

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