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The industry standard for dry bulk information management.

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The importance of high-quality dry bulk information management has never been greater. Rising operational costs, fragmented data, and enhanced counterparty connections have created an urgent need for centralized access to timely and accurate information.

Q88 Dry delivers timely and accurate insights around dry bulk vessel particulars, questionnaires, certificates, documents, inspections, and more. Here are some of the things that Q88 Dry enables you to do:

View comprehensive, accurate vessel information that is regularly maintained by owners and operators.

Access over 300 charterer and terminal questionnaires, with the ability to easily share via email.

Plan and record inspections as they occur, and visualize vessel inspection history and trends to gain new insight.

Centrally manage certificates and documentation to easily track renewals.

Maintain an up-to-date officer matrix, even when onboard the vessel or offline.

Seamlessly integrate with internal systems and industry software solutions to maintain a single source of truth.

Quality Information Management for the Dry Bulk Industry

Read the brochure to discover how Q88 Dry enables dry bulk stakeholders to manage, collaborate, and share information like never before.

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