A great balance of features make Q88 the platform of choice for leading tanker broking shops worldwide.

Overview of Q88 Position List

The Q88 Position List is a collaborative tanker broking platform focused on you and your business. The system has been designed with simplicity, speed, and ease of use in mind at every turn. We provide a portable system you can take with you when you leave the office, supported by unparalleled customer service.

Main platform features

A cloud-based SaaS platform running on any device and browser with a mobile app available for use when you are on the run. Quickly update positions and run and send position lists whether at your desk or on the go. Saved searches are synchronized and available for all your users and on any device.

Track vessels via AIS and see other nearby vessels on a map. Access and send individual Q88’s and documents like certificates if shared by the owner. Run distance calculations or voyage estimates and keep track of fixtures, including public fixtures from an industry recognized 3rd party vendor.

Customer Service for global organizations

We have offices in Singapore, Greece, London, Poland and the US, offering near 24/7/365 customer service. Our team of experienced customer service staff can offer ‘live’ troubleshooting, including the ability to remote-connect and help you solve any issues or answer any questions about the platform.

Customer feedback helps develop collaboration features

Our platform is continuously improving, and we always welcome ideas from our customers! Through customer collaboration Q88 has added features that include the ability to search public and private fixtures, search-support for neo-Panamax vessels, a customizable list of position with fixture status and a flexible vessel searching criteria including comment fields.

Learn more about Q88 Position List

Q88 Position List is one application from our suite of leading software and information services for the global maritime transportation industry. Request a demo to find out why the world’s leading ship broking companies are choosing Q88 Position List.

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