Q88 20 year Anniversary

Providing Value and Expertise for 20 Years

It’s our 20th year in business!  We are very excited to announce that we will be celebrating a noteworthy milestone throughout 2021.

 In 2001, when Fritz Heidenreich launched as a single tool to help ship owners and operators better manage their global fleets, there were hundreds of other aspirational companies also trying to make their way into this competitive environment. So, in such a crowded market space, how were we able to grow into the company we are today?

 Fritz Heidenreich, Founder and President explains, “ launched as a great idea that was extremely simple. We were confident in the product, we didn’t overthink or over-strategize the process. It was born from deep-rooted knowledge of the entire industry, and an understanding of how to capitalize on a need within the industry. We began step-by-step. We learned things on the fly and adapted as it made sense. It was very much an organic process.”

From our inception, we were committed to providing excellent customer support and to be regarded as a valuable and reliable business partner to our customers.  This approach helped define who we were, and it also helped differentiate our brand within the market.  Key to our support strategy was attracting personnel with the right combination of technical and maritime experience to join our team.

 Fritz Heidenreich says, “Q88 LLC is a technology company with the maritime industry in our DNA. Very early on when our company was young, I knew it would be important for Q88 to have a very deep and comprehensive understanding of the industry.” He continues, “In order to successfully solve customer challenges and concerns, we have put a lot of thought into who we hire to ensure that our team is comprised of individuals who either have first-hand experience on a ship or have a deep understanding of the industry through their maritime education.”  To date, we have 400+ years of industry knowledge under our belt to help us support and connect to our customers.

 Nereus Shipping, a customer of ours since 2007, says “As one of the first users of the Q88 automated questionnaire in both tanker and dry cargo ships, we have come to know Q88 as a highly-rated solution and valued business partner. They have helped digitize our processes and create profitable efficiencies within our business. Over the years as Q88 has increased their solutions, they without a doubt have proven helpful both commercially and operationally. Their solutions appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders within the industry, and with easy access to data and the ability to share information, they ultimately better connect the shipping community.”

 The maritime industry will continue to change. It is not the industry it was 20 years ago, and it certainly will not be the same industry 20 years from now. Through our connection to the industry, we are adaptable, and we are always seeking to anticipate solutions to solve new challenges. We are confident that if we remain true to ourselves and continue offering solutions that simplify complex operations, we will have many more milestones to celebrate.

 As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we urge you to stay connected to us, as we will be releasing new content on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

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